Research in Our Lab

​Research project in our lab:
(1) Soft and intelligent materials: materials design, 3D printing soft materials, functional hydrogels

(2) Flexible and stretchable electronics: sensors, actuators, soft robots
(3) Soft metamaterials: photonics, acoustics, plasmonics, topological states

Research areas or projects we are particularly interested in are: electronic skins, soft robotics, soft meta-structures for photonics/acoustics, stretchable conductors, flexible energy harvesters, and wearable sensors and devices for health care. 

我们的研究领域包括 :

(1) 智能软材料:智能材料设计,软材料增材制造,功能水凝胶

(2) 柔性电子: 传感器,执行器,软体机器人

(3) 柔性超材料:光,声,等离子基元,拓扑态