2018/06:  Hanchuan Tang was awarded the Best Poster Award by Prof. Yonggang Huang, and taken photo with Prof. Changqing Sun, Prof. Xuanhe Zhao, and Prof. Jianfeng Zang at ISFSE 2018,  Wuhan, China. 

2016/07: Prof. Xuanhe Zhao visited our lab and had a meeting with our group members at HUST Innovation Institute

2017/07: Shuaifeng Li won the Best Poster Award in META'17, and was awarded by Prof. Junsuk Rho, the META'17 General Co-Chair,  Incheon, Korea.

2016/06: Zhao and Xin with Prof. Zhenan Bao from Stanford at The 11th Sino-US Symposium on Nanoscale Science and Technology

2015/12: Prof. Chang Qing Sun from Nanyang Technological University visited HUST and gave two talks about "Coordination-Resolved Electron Spectrometrics" and "Uncovered the Puzzles of Water". 

2017/06: Prof. Jianfeng Zang was hosting the Opening Ceremony as Symposium Organization Chair of ISFSE 2017, 

2017/06: Prof. Pei Zhong from Duke University gave a talk at our school

2017/05: Wanglin Zhou defensed his Master Thesis Project and graduated as Prof. Jianfeng Zang's first Master student.

2016/12:  Jianfeng had a meeting with MIT ME Department Chair Prof. Gang Chen at his chair office! 

2016/03: Spring BBQ party in Forest Park near Eastern Lake.

2015/09: Mid-Autumn Festival group party.

2016/06: Li Wang, Xin Liu and Jianfeng Zang won the Best Poster Award in International Symposium for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics 2016,  Wuhan, China. Li Wang won HUST Excellent Undergraduate Thesis Award, first class.

2016/04: Our Team in HUST OEI School Badminton Game

2017/06: Xin Liu was awarded the Best Poster Award by Prof. Yonggang Huang from Northwestern University at ISFSE 2017,  Wuhan, China. 

CVD & Gloove-box Lab

Jianfeng won Best Poster Award @ 2014 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, USA, Jianfeng was pictured with the Meeting Chairs Gerardo Morrel and Husam N. Alshareef.

Our lab is located at beautiful HUST, Wuhan

2018/01: Group photo for 2017 annual meeting

2016/12: Christmas group party.

2015/06: Zhao Huang won Hubei Province Excellent Undergraduate Thesis Award for his research on stretchable gas sensors! 

2017/05: Our Team in HUST OEI School Badminton Game.  Captain Ni Tang, Xiaoyan Duan and Caifeng Chen.

2017/05: Our Team was finally listed as Top Four in HUST OEI School Badminton Game

Office for our group members 

2016/07: Prof. Xuanhe Zhao from MIT gave a talk on 'Soft Materials, Soft Electronics, and Soft Robotics' at our school

Materials Lab

2016/06: Group photo in HUST Innovation Institute