​​Welcome to Laboratory for Soft Intelligent Materials and Devices, at School of Optical and Electronic Information, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). Our lab is located at Wuhan, China.

Our interdisciplinary research interfaces on the engineering and biomedicine, including materials science, optoelectronics, mechanics, nanotechnology, and engineering. The focus of our group is the understanding and development of novel materials, devices and mechanism bridging the hard machine and soft human body. Taking advantage of cutting edge engineering, computing, simulations, and soft-matter technologies, we are dedicated to design and fabricate soft and smart devices and systems with extraordinary functions, addressing the challenges of capturing, transportation, manipulation of information in human bodies. Our research interest includes: design and manufacturing of soft intelligent materials, soft robotics, flexible electronics, and soft intelligent metamaterials. ​​



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1. Shuaifeng Li, Degang Zhao, Hao Niu, Xuefeng Zhu,  Jianfeng Zang*, Observation of elastic topological states in soft materials, Nature Communications,  2018, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-03830-8

2. Zhao Huang, Shuaifeng Li, Xin Liu, Degang Zhao*, Lei Ye, Xuefeng Zhu,  Jianfeng Zang*, Dynamically tunable interface states in 1D graphene-embedded photonic crystal heterostructure, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 2018, 30, 095702.

3. Xin Liu, Zhao Huang, Chengkai Zhu, Li Wang, Jianfeng Zang*, Out-of-Plane designed soft metasurface for tunable surface plasmon polariton, Nano Letters, 2018, 18 (2), 1435–1441.

4. ​Ni Tang†, Zhan Peng†, Rulei Guo†, Meng An, Xiandong Chen, Xiaobo Li, Nuo Yang* and Jianfeng Zang*, Thermal Transport in Soft PAAm Hydrogels. Polymers 2017, 9, 688.

5. Zhikang Zeng, Yan Yu*, Yongming Song, Ni Tang, Lei Ye, Jianfeng Zang*, Precise engineering of conductive pathway by frictional direct-writing for ultrasensitive flexible strain sensors, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017, 9 (46), 41078–41086.

6. Xiandong Chen, Meng An, Rulei Guo, Ni Tang, Zhan Peng, Hao Feng, Xiaobo Li, Jianfeng Zang*, Nuo Yang*,Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity of Polyvinyl Alcohol Membrane Using Nano-fiber, MRS Advances, 2017, 2, 3651-3656.

7. Lei Ye, Peng Wang, Wenjin Luo, Fan Gong, Lei Liao, Tiande Liu, Lei Tong, Jianfeng Zang, Jianbin Xu, Weida Hu, Highly Polarization Sensitive Infrared Photodetector Based on Black Phosphorus-on-WSe2 Photogate Vertical Heterostructure. Nano Energy, 2017, 37, 53-60. 

8. Zhilong Song, Jingyao Liu, Qian Liu, Haoxiong Yu, Wenkai Zhang, Yang Wang, Zhao Huang, Jianfeng Zang, Huan Liu, Enhanced H2S gas sensing properties based on SnO2 quantum wire reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites, Sensors and Actuators B, 2017, 249, 632-638.

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13. Cao, Changyong+; Feng, Yaying+; Zang, Jianfeng+; López, Gabriel; Zhao Xuanhe, Tunable lotus-leaf and rose-petal effects via graphene paper origami. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 2015, 5, 18-25. (+ equal contribution). 

14. Bao, Lihong; Zang, Jianfeng; Wang, Guofeng; Li, Xiaodong, Atomic-Scale Imaging of Cation Ordering in Inverse Spinel Zn2SnO4 Nanowires. Nano Letters 2014, 14, 6505-6509.

15. Zang, Jianfeng+; Cao, Changyong+; Feng, Yaying+; Liu, Jie; Zhao Xuanhe, Stretchable and High-Performance Supercapacitors with Crumpled Graphene Papers. Scientific Reports, 2014, 4, 6492. (+ equal contribution).

16. Cao, Changyong; Chan, Hon Fan; Zang, Jianfeng; Leong, Kam W.; Zhao Xuanhe, Harnessing Localized Ridges for High-Aspect-Ratio Hierarchical Patterns with Dynamic Tunability and Multifunctionality. Advanced Materials 2014, 26, 1763-1770.

  • 2018/03: Prof. Jianfeng Zang was invited to serve as the Editorial Board Member of Polymers, a JCR Q1 journal. This journal is ten years old but already covered by major databases such as SCIE, EI, and Scopus, with a latest impact factor of 3.364.  http://www.mdpi.com/journal/polymers

  • 2017/12: Xin Liu's work on "Out-of-Plane designed soft metasurface for tunable surface plasmon polariton" was published in Nano Letters. Congratulations!

  • 2017/12: Ni Tang's work on "Thermal Transport in Soft PAAm Hydrogels" was published in Polymers. Congratulations!

  • 2017/12: Prof. Jianfeng Zang delivered a talk on "Soft materials enables striking new photonic and phononic properties" in The 3rd Symposium of Soft Robotics: Theory and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China.

  • 2017/11: Prof. Jianfeng Zang delivered a talk on "Soft materials enables striking new photonic and phononic properties" in MRS 2017 Fall Meeting at Boston, USA.

  • 2017/11: Zhikang Zeng and Yan Yu's work on "Precise engineering of conductive pathway by frictional direct-writing for ultrasensitive flexible strain sensors" was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congratulations!

  • 2017/10: Prof. Jianfeng Zang was invited by Prof. Xiaodong Chen to give a talk on "Soft materials enables new properties" in School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. 

  • 2017/07: Shuaifeng Li won the Best Poster Award in META'17, and was awarded by Prof. Junsuk Rho, the META'17 General Co-Chair,  Incheon, Korea. Congratulations!

  • 2017/07: Hanchuan Tang delivered oral presentation on his research in META'17, Incheon, Korea.

  • 2017/06: Xin Liu won the Best Poster Award and was awarded by Prof. Yonggang Huang from Northwestern University at ISFSE 2017,  Wuhan, China. Congratulations!

  • 2017/06: Prof. Jianfeng Zang hosted the symposium as the Symposium Organization Chair of ISFSE 2017,  Wuhan, China.

  • 2017/06: Luyao Song won "HUST Excellent Undergraduate Thesis Award, First Class"! Congratulations, Luyao and Dr. Lei Ye!

  • 2017/05: Wanglin Zhou defensed his Master Thesis and graduated as the first graduate student of our group. Congratulations Wanglin! 

  • 2017/04: Xin Liu and Zhao Huang attended and delivered oral presentation on their research at the The International Symposium On Plasmonics and Nano-photonics 2017, Dalian . 

  • 2017/04: Yaodong Guan and Luyao Song, undergraduate students in our lab, presented their Posters at Materials Research Society 2017 Spring meeting, Phenix, USA . 

  • 2017/04: Dr. Yan Yu went to MIT as Postdoctoral Fellow in Prof. Xuanhe Zhao's Soft Active Materials Lab. He will work there for two years.